Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My best friend is visiting Udaipur..

If you are going to Udaipur..

You have chosen the perfect destination, It is one of my favorites and if you look carefully, you might find a piece of my heart that I left behind there.

If art brings you happiness this is the place to be! It will leave you feeling beautiful inside.

Where to stay:

Look for no place other than lake Pichola. Book a hotel that is on the banks of the lake and you MUST take the lake facing room.

There are many options for every range and each has its unique charm.Most of them are old houses or havelis  turned into hotels.

I stayed at Jheel Guest house.Here are some pictures:

Stained glass windows in abundance

Reason why I insist  on taking a lake facing room

Art in every corner
Antique furniture

Must do:

1.Stare outside the window with a cup of tea and relax.

2.Early morning, take a walk along lake Pichola (Gangaur ghat) and observe people doing their daily chores - washing clothes ,taking a dip in the lake, offering prayers to Sun.

3.Visit Jagdeesh temple and try to attend morning Arti. If you are lucky you might get a chance to attend bhajans sung by the locals.They have got some very talented singers(even kids).
Jagdeesh temple (it is 100 times more beautiful than this picture)

4.Even if you had breakfast at your hotel (though many in Udaipur don’t serve complimentary breakfast) you MUST NOT miss ‘garma garam’ kachauri and poha of JAGDEESH SHREE RESTAURANT.
It is just in front of the main entrance of Jagdeesh temple. You need to cross the ‘chauraha’ .


5.Once you are full , head towards the city palace.You can spend good 2-3 hours drooling over the beauty and opulence of this place.For the best results don't forget to believe that you are the owner of this place.

6. By this time you must be hungry! If you are looking for some home made food for lunch, head to this place –“Shree Vinayak Restaurant”. It is on the way from Jagdeesh temple to hathi pol. On right hand side.’Thali’ here beats all the roof top ones.
Must have- Gatte ki sabzi

7. Explore the local market and buy jewelry-souvenir for me .You can courier it
later to my Bangalore address. 

8. Cross lake Pichola through the bridge in photo below and visit Hanuman ghat - sit under peepal tree and get lost in your thoughts
On right there is “Jasmine restaurant” the parathas and honey tea here are worth a try!

Don’t miss this temple on Hanuman ghat..

9. Climb stairs up "Bagore ki haveli " and enjoy view of pichola (gangaur ghat) - be careful not to be seen by the guard.
You see the top can actually go there!!

10. MUST attend a folk dance performance at Bagore ki Haveli  in the evening (enquire about the tickets in advance)

11.While going from Jagdeesh temple to palace take left into a gully and check out this shop.

12.From laal ghat take a boat ride in the evening so that you can see the sunset while on the boat ,check out the birds and some abandoned buildings

9.Sunset/sunrise from "Monsoon Palace" -you can take a taxi from Gangaur ghat /or inquire if you are allowed your own vehicle.

Other attractions:
Saheliyo ki Badi
Fate Sagar lake
Ropeway to Karni mata temple from Deen Dayal Park at Doodh Talai for good views(check if it is kid friendly)

Outside Udaipur-
The Saas bahu temple
Mount Abu-dilwadha temple

 Enjoy...Have fun!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beyond that wall

My wall painting project in previous post is still pending.Thanks to my job that is keeping me away from home.
But while travelling I found these  delightful walls to stare at :
A common sight in udaipur

 Inside an old temple

 So true..

An artist's studio hidden in narrow lanes of udaipur

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wall painting

A weekend ,a wall and some paint

Last weekend I had nothing much to do,I came over to my balcony..

to have a look outside,there is this 'Indian cork' tree peeping in through the window

just one glace was enough to make me fetch my colors..

and decide what I would do for next 2 days

By sunday evening I could do this much

Eagerly waiting for the next weekend to finish this project...friday evening!!!!come soon..